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i only eat the purple crayons.

neon hurricanes from the 80s always make me feel secure.

shimmer sparrow shimmer
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rockNroll is my thing and i live in her in my own style. If i could Id sleep with her on couches or pullout beds and in sand or warm waves. Id kiss her hips and do what she says,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, or maybe you could be my rockNroll.

I like meeting new people coz they fascinate me so id love to hear from you and be frineds.


Im not working on dying, im still working on being born.

keep it loud keep it fast when the planets are aligned,,,,,,, dim the lights and whisper glows when youre with her to unwind...

evidently, the other side to me has been created and has been posting on samurai_acidic,,,,,
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